Health Care

Turin Components Ireland designs, manufactures and supplies Irish Healthcare Furniture Systems for all aspects of Healthcare service. Based on client’s requirements and the nature medical facility, our experienced design team will help design of the furniture. Using the latest CNC technology and top quality materials we manufacture the furniture in Ireland to the client’s demands .Our Healthcare Furniture systems are available in a wide range of materials, colours and finishes.



We also supply a variety of furniture systems to suit your specific needs such as;

  • Hospital Furniture.
  • Ward Furniture.
  • Patient Bedroom Furniture.
  • Nurse stations.shutterstock_85613293
  • Nursing Home Furniture.
  • Nursing Home Bedroom Furniture.
  • Reception Desks.
  • Doctors’ Surgery Furniture.
  • Dental Surgery Furniture.
  • Health Centre Furniture.
  • Mental Health Furniture.
  • Patient bedrooms.
  • Consulting rooms.
  • Administrative areas.
  • Storage rooms.
  • Training rooms.
  • Cafeterias.

With advances in healthcare technology, equipment and an increasing expectation of level of care, healthcare centers throughout Ireland  are in a constant state of change. That’s why TC Ireland addresses each Irish healthcare customer as a “Market of One”, creating optimum healthcare furniture solutions around individual requirements.

Our healthcare furniture system creates a visual signature from the reception area to the patient room and everywhere in between. TC products are unmatched for quality, innovation and design. Turin Components Healthcare furniture & Hospital furniture are designed to successfully meet the needs of medical facilities and the people they serve.